Lecture Series – November 10, Troy Wayne Poteete



Former Chief Justice,
Cherokee Nation Executive Director,
National Trail of Tears Association

Frequent lecturer on Cherokee history and storyteller of Cherokee culture, Poteete will discuss why his people mark the Trail of Tears, why they proudly commemorate this devastating part of their history, and how the Cherokee people use the Trail of Tears in facing the challenges of contemporary life. Poteete served on the Cherokee Tribal Council for two consecutive terms. He is a practicing attorney and served for seven years on the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court. Earlier this year, he was named Executive Director of the National Trail of Tears Association, an organization he helped to found. Poteete and his wife, Elizabeth, together created and market a modern-day version of the traditional Cherokee turban worn by the legendary Sequoyah. He represents the Cherokee Nation on the boards of the Five Civilized Tribes Museum and the Friends of Moccasin Bend.

Continuing the fine legacy established in 2006, lectures are

underwritten by Greg A. Vital, President of Independent

Healthcare Properties, LLC.