Building a Magnificent National Park on Chattanooga’s Doorstep

Putting Moccasin Bend back together again is crucial to the National Park experience on Moccasin Bend, and there is no piece more crucial than the City/County Law Enforcement Training Center, or simply, the firing range. When Moccasin Bend was added to the National Park Service in 2003, our city and county civic leaders made a strategic, long-term investment in downtown Chattanooga and its parks by granting a 100′ easement to the National Park Service through the firing range for trails and interpretive opportunities. They also committed to moving the firing range from the bend although its been a slow process with many starts and stops along the way.

Well, its taken more than 10 years, but we’re making progress again. Times Free Press staff writer David Cobb does a great job summarizing the issue in his recent article:

Chattanooga looks to remove lead from Moccasin Bend firing range

And then opinion writers Pam Sohn and Clint Cooper from the Chattanooga Times and the Chattanooga Free Press wrote pieces lauding this step in the right direction by local government.

Sohn: Getting the lead out of Moccasin Bend

Cooper: Firing range action underway

The Friends of Moccasin Bend have been diligent in their advocacy efforts for over a decade to move the firing range off the bend and build a world class training facility somewhere else, so our local law enforcement can train to be their best. The Friends are greatly heartened by recent this recent progress and national park advocates and you should be too. If you love the park in progress, please support our efforts by making a donation today.