Say Hi to New UTC History Intern, Chelsea Hoge

The goal of the National Park Service Centennial is to connect with and create the next generation of park visitors, stewards, and advocates, and here at Friends of Moccasin Bend, we take that challenge seriously. That is why we are proud to announce the hiring of our second UTC intern, Chelsea Hoge! Partnership between the Friends of Moccasin Bend and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga continually grow stronger. Chelsea is the third UTC intern at the Friends and our second from the history department. Our first history intern did a great job updating the Moccasin Bend Wikipedia page, and the Friends are excited about the history projects we have in store for Chelsea. 

Chelsea is a local of the Chattanooga are. Her youth was spent hiking around the Scenic City. At an early age, her parents encouraged her to appreciate the nature and history around her. From her youth to adulthood, she continues to hike around these areas with more appreciation than ever.

Chelsea is a History Major at the University of Chattanooga. Her goal is to work for an organization that focuses on protecting, preserving, and teaching the importance of historical national grounds. While interning for Friends of Moccasin Bend, she wants to bring attention of the partnership to Chattanooga residents and the ones passing through, of the significance of Moccasin Bend. She also aspires to use her research to expand her knowledge of Chattanooga History.

“National parks and reserves are an integral aspect of intelligent use of natural resources. It is the course of wisdom to set aside an ample portion of our natural resources as national parks and reserves, thus ensuring that future generations may know the majesty of the earth as we know it today.” – John F. Kennedy